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Vogue and Maxim are UK’s Best Cross-Platform Mags

Vogue and Maxim are the only UK-based magazines that are fully-optimised for a multi-platform audience – with iPhone, iPad and Android apps, along with sites specially designed for iPad, Nexus 7 and smartphones – according to research into multi-screen advertising experiences with publishing companies by

The survey of 100 popular consumer-facing magazines in the US, the UK and Germany found that 93 per cent  don’t offer their readers a fully cross-platform experience. 83 per cent of the 78 consumers magazine brands surveyed from the US and UK have an app. 65 per cent of these have an iPhone app and 40 per cent have Android. Almost all  – with notable exceptions like the BBC’s Radio Times – have a separate iPad app. But, the report says: “Without satisfactorily audited audience circulation figures available, especially where app are bundled in with print subscriptions or availabe for free, how [do we know] many people are seeing them?”

Fewer mobile sites despite easier targeting

46 per cent of the UK-based magazines assessed by the company and 45 per cent of the German publications did not have a site optimised for smartphones. Just 25 per cent of the US ones were in the same position. The report says: “While many publishers have invested heavily in apps, website readerships are much larger, targetable and easier to analyse.”

Many of the publishers offer a scaled version of their desktop site to tablet and smartphone surfers, with varying results.  Glamour magazine in the UK scaled to fit the smaller screen, although the writing becomes rather small, while Wired magazine readers in the UK have to move their screen from side-to-side to read full articles on the scaled site.

Vice and Marie Claire were missing just one of the seven criteria used each – an Android app and an iPad-optimised site respectively.

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iLove Interactive Women’s Magazine Drops onto Your Door Mat

A women’s consumer magazine with mCommerce built in has been unveiled in the same week that Bauer has closed the doors at print magazine More!.

Digital Space has announced the launch of the free iLove interactive women’s magazine and app, which will be delivered direct to a selected audience of 700,000 households from July.

The editorial content and advertising in the monthly mag will all contain multimedia elements, with a particular focus on driving women to download the app, scan products and buy them on the spot. The company has used data modelling with the help of Royal Mail to identify women who like fashion and beauty and also own a smartphone to ensure that the people targeted will be keen to purchase the products. The company will be able to track scans and purchases made via the app, making them directly attributable.

The audience will be more than double those of Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire, as well as the free magazines from Stylist and ASOS. Will women be able to argue with a free mag with interactive content selected with them in mind delivered straight to their door?

It is also available to a wider audience online and in email editions.

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