‘Give a Day for Hackney’ tech mentoring pilot launches

There are 2,000 charities in Hackney, 90 per cent of which have an income of less than £10,000. ‘Give a day for Hackney’ is a mentoring programme that aims to support third sector organisations to identify and address their tech and business needs.

Our City is seeking developers and entrepreneurs to mentor and assist organisations to realise their potential and address their biggest challenges. Through a pitch process at Hackney Council’s first Hackneython hack day in 2014 each organisation will outline their need and will be available for a Q&A with the audience. Developers and entrepreneurs will then be invited to sign up to ‘Give a day for Hackney’ on the mentoring programme.

Mentee requirements:

  • Be a third-sector organisation based in Hackney
  • Have completed an Our City Training Needs Analysis
  • Attend a Hackathon session to pitch their organisatios

Mentor requirements:

12 hours of contact time over a 3 / 6 month time period

Mentees must complete a Training Needs Analysis form. Mentors will ideally be able to dedicate 12 hours of contact time and can email hackneyunites@btinternet.com to get involved.

The Our City project has been created by Hackney Unites, the Shoreditch Trust and local volunteers to work out how local residents in Hoxton can engage with Tech City and the incoming flow of workers.

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