Bauer Media Launches Buzzfeed-style Women’s Mag The Debrief

The DebriefBauer Media has created a Buzzfeed-style responsive site that goes live with a native ad strategy and is being brought to the masses via a social marketing campaign.

The Debrief site for 20-something women covers ‘people, life, sex, getting ready, in and out’ and has a launch team of 10 young women including editor Hattie Brett, who launched Grazia Daily.

“We know that The Debrief girl is constantly glued to her mobile – from the moment she wakes until last thing at night – so the site will be fully responsive at launch and the option to introduce a Debrief app is high on the agenda,” a spokesperson told Mobile Marketing.

H&M and Bacardi are the first advertisers to take native placements on the site. “As we develop our range of [advertising] formats with our partners, we may also consider developing formats that are exclusive to mobile,” The Debrief spokesperson explained.

The company’s social marketing campaign has focused on Facebook mobile, as well as other mobile ad networks, which ‘are a strong fit for the Debrief audience’. The creative for the campaign will feature popular ‘trending’ content from the site. It was put together by Gravity Road, a creative startup that boasts clients like Youtube, Dr Pepper and Sainsbury’s. The company was founded in 2011 by creatives Mark Boyd, formerly of BBH, and Drum PHD’s Mark Eaves.

The Debrief site is flagged as being version 1.0, indicating a commitment to iterating the product over time ‘because staying the same would be too easy’.

Written for Mobile Marketing Magazine and first published here:

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