BBC Launches Instafax Instagram Video News

BBC InstafaxHaving closed its analogue information service Ceefax back in 2012, the BBC has now flexed its social creds by launching a digital news teasing ‘experiment’ on Instagram.

Three 15-second videos will be uploaded every day by the Video Innovation Lab and the teasers have already covered topics as diverse as the ongoing Syrian conflict, the death of a World War Two veteran and the Australian heatwave.

Responding to the inevitable social feedback, the BBC said: “We are trying to create content within the social spaces people are inhabiting. That’s the main goal. The way we see it, Instagram and our website are – in many ways – two separate audiences.

“At the end of the day, it’s just an experiment. And we’re very happy you are having these conversations here. They are helpful for us when trying to decide how to move forward.” The experiment will initially last for one month.

People have already suggested giving users the ability to share the content, as well as being able to click through to see a more detailed account of each story on the BBC website. The videos currently only suggest people enter the BBC’s web address to access more news.

iWonder Launch

The organisation has also launched a cross-device learning series called iWonder. The responsive web service has launched to coincide with the start of World War One commemorations, with eight interactive stories going live yesterday. Another 17 will be added by the end of the month.

Tim Plyming, executive producer of knowledge and learning, said: I am certain that the iWonder interactive guides will be a new and exciting way for the BBC to create compelling content. The format has been designed with BBC’s four screen strategy firmly in mind which means you can enjoy this great content whenever and wherever you are – whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet or desktop device.”

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