Guardian is UK’s Top Mobile News Outlet

The Guardian has come out on top in an analysis of the mobile-readiness of the UK’s biggest national newspapers. While all of the publications analysed have an iPad, iPhone and Android app, the Daily Mail, Daily Express and the Times all lack a mobile website – meaning they all scored less than 50 per cent.  

The Guardian, which has made a public commitment to being a digital first news outlet, was praised for ‘impressively fast browsing’, easy navigation and its new mobile citizen journalism campaign, GuardianWitness. The Independent and its concise sister paper, the i, came in joint second. 

The assessment criteria, which also included having an option to visit the desktop and having a unified look and feel across different products, were based on the results of a OnePoll consumer survey into expectations of mobile news. Despite its lack of a mobile site, the Daily Mail’s online platform, MailOnline, is the world’s biggest newspaper website – with a whopping 126m monthly unique users across the globe in January, according to ABC. 

At this time, the Guardian reached 77.9m, but its ease of use on mobile hasn’t translated into profit. The Guardian had a pre-tax loss of £75.6m in the year to April 2012. Bottom of the pile, The Times , likewise saw a pre-tax loss of £21.4m in the year to July 2012.  

Scores of the top ten UK news publishers: 

1.   The Guardian – 87 per cent 
=2. The Independent, I – 82 per cent 
4.   Daily Record – 80 per cent 
5.   Daily Telegraph – 79 per cent 
6.   Daily Mirror – 78 per cent 
7.   The Sun – 64 per cent  
8.   Daily Mail – 49 per cent
9.   Daily Express – 47 per cent 
10. The Times – 47 per cent  

Percentage score out of 410 different metrics across mobile web and apps.

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