Fab’s Mobile Users Spend 20 Per Cent More

Fab, the online design product marketplace, has found that its mobile users purchase 20 per cent more items per order than PC customers, with 30 per cent of total sales now coming from its mobile apps. 

This figure, the company says, sometimes reaches above 50 per cent. People who use Fab’s mobile apps convert to purchasers more than twice as often as web-only users and they purchase twice as often, the retailer added.

“Success on mobile is now a barometer of a company’s success,’” said CEO Jason Goldberg. “It is not an understatement to say that Fab is a breakout mobile retailer.”

Fab has introduced updates to its iOS and Android apps, including improved search, browsing and filtering to enable mobile searchers to find items by product type, colour, price, popularity and availability.

The company, which prides itself on the sociability of its user-base, has also introduced Fab profiles so fans can bookmark and display all of the items favourited and purchased. Social has been a key part of the network’s growing success, with 50 per cent of its members coming from social.

The retailer, which launched in 2011, currently has 10m users who can browse up to 15,000 products from designers at any one time.

Written for Mobile Marketing Magazine and published here: http://www.mobilemarketingmagazine.com/content/mobile-users-spend-20-cent-more-finds-fab-design-marketplace

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