My week in mobile: bad mobile sites, Shazam’s dual screen deal with ITV and can Groupon save the UK high street?

Last week, David Murphy from Mobile Marketing Magazine revealed that mobile media paid for by consumers will be worth $150bn in 2012. Much of this is coming from the increasing use of the mobile web, as well as the growth of the app markets.
More than 23 billion apps were downloaded globally in 2011. In 2012, this is forecast by Strategy Analytics to increase to over 32 billion. Developers are facing the increasing problem of not being easily found in the heaving app stores, as well the need for that really different idea in the first place.

Shazam’s dual screen deal with ITV
Another issue reported by the BBC this week were findings from Stanford University that poorly designed mobile websites drain battery life.  This is even truer for apps, which are much heavier and are often used for longer periods of time. While we applaud businesses that are brave enough to leap into mobile, all consumers want is a good experience, quick information that isn’t going to kill your phone. Is that too much to ask?
The Mobile Marketing Association held their Brand and Agency Briefing yesterday in London.  Alex Meisl, the MMA’s chairman, pointed to Deloitte research that said that in three years, 4 in 10 shops will disappear from British High Streets.
Groupon revealed big plans to make their service more relevant and more local for users with their new app Groupon Now! Much of their work is focusing on becoming a platform for local businesses and educating them on these opportunities, which could go some way to reversing the trend towards shop closures. They said that 10% of revenue is now coming from mobile.
Shazam’s new appointment, Miles Lewis, also spoke at the event and the company is still flying high after signing an exclusive deal with the UK’s ITV channel. They are hoping to make the best of the dual screen opportunities brought to life by tablets and smartphones, while also announcing a new Music TV Ad Chart, which will show just how popular new records become after appearing on the box.
Google rewarded us this week with a new brand of cloud storage. Drive, a competitor to Dropbox is pretty good. It gives you more storage for free, is cheaper to upgrade and you can open 30 different kinds of file in your browser, even if you don’t have that programme installed. And it syncs very nicely with all your other Google accounts.
Rumours are still rife that there will be a Facebook HTC phone coming soon. Will they build their own operating system, thrusting a new, major player into the mix, or will this just be a combination of their assets?

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