My week in mobile: Teenagers sullen as Instagram joins the mainstream, Google+ changes and Q1 results, plus Barclays Pingit

You can always tell that something has become mainstream when your mum comes home wearing it (skinny jeans, Ugg Boots…). Not confined to clothing choice or language (no it isn’t cool when you say cool mum!), the phenomenon is quickly spreading across the tech world.
Maybe it’s also a bit about your privacy, either way, when a teenager gets the Facebook friend request “… has indicated that he is your dad”, there’s very little hiding. The Register toys with the idea that Facebook might struggle for an audience in 2013 as young people flock for somewhere else to play…
After Pinterest’s recent rise to fame, young hipsters across the globe will have let out another cool shrug on hearing the news that Facebook has bought Instagram (never let them know your true feelings), leaving yet another crowd on the move looking for the next small thing.
While Google+ has received a bit of a panning for its recent updates, including mimicking the cover photo feature forced on Facebook users, it does allow for improved customisation, excellent video conferencing and integrates with all of your other Google stuff. And with only 170 million users, it is crucially the place where you might not have to hangout with your mum. Yet.
Despite having significantly fewer social users than Facebook, Google’s Q1 earnings show they are still doing something right. They are seeing increasing success with ads on Youtube, and are expecting CPCs on mobile to come down. All good news.
Sadly Sony, the ageing post-war behemoth, is shedding 10,000 jobs in a bid to streamline its business into One Sony, and keep up with agile, digital-only competition. Despite this, in the US alone, 6,000 new mobile jobs have been created since the start of the year, according to Mobile Marketing Magazine. And yes, we are hiring in the US, UK and Asia.
In an indication that it might finally be hip to be square, the UK bank Barclays has just released an update to the person-to-person app Pingit to include 16 and 17 year old. Apparently by popular demand!
Any smartphone user with a UK bank account can now send up to £300… No more late pocket money…  Maybe having a tech-savvy mum isn’t so bad after all..?

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