UK Feminista AGM – London Mayoral Hustings

Yesterday’s UK Feminista AGM was topped off with a London Mayoral debate hosted Channel 4’s Samira Ahmed. Yum. BoJo didn’t turn up, which gives us a little impression of what he thinks about equality and women’s issues.

Ken Livingstone fessed up, he was a ‘cleptomaniac’ and would be pinching Brian Paddick’s sure-to-win-votes-but-probably-not-practical policy of letting women stop the night bus at the end of their road rather than at a bus stop.

There were some interesting stats ‘knife crime is up 30% among under 25s’, ‘70% of job losses in the last 2 quarters were women’, there is ‘£100bn of City cash that is explicitly excluded from FOI’ and that, and this will really make your stomach churn, ‘70% of ticket holders during the Olympics will have to go through Westfields shopping centre to get to their seats’. Reel them in while we can. Yuck.

My favourite part, the bit that made me so angry that I put my hand up shyly, so I didn’t get picked, was when Ken, in Boris’ absence, blamed the mop-haired toff for the housing crisis. Now, I think Boris is just a well-thought-out, populist act, same as a lot of people, but Ken??? You said you were a cleptomaniac and I was wondering if along with that, you also had AMNESIA? Or did you forget the 20 years previous to you losing your seat? Pssh.

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